The Aquarian Theosophist, April 2017


This is the opening thought of the April edition:

Examining life is exclusive to those whose souls have awakened.”

On page one, the reader finds the note entitled “The Magic of Simplicity”. A fragment by Maxwell Maltz, “The Truth About Yourself” is on page two. 

On page three one sees a fragment by Sergei Bulgakov: “Celebrating the Pagan Roots of Christianity”.  The article “Nicolas Berdyaev, on Christianity and Anti-Semitism” will be found on pages four and five. After that, “An Integrated Approach To the Theosophical Teaching”.

Other articles and notes of this edition include:

* The Cycles of Our Mankind; 

* On the Inner Value of What We See;

* Two Kinds of Transfiguration;   

* The Search of Knowledge;

* Daily Self-Discipline: The Yoga of Editorial Work;

* Passing Winds Inhabit Superficial Minds;

* The Psychoanalysis of Theosophical Politics;

* Thoughts Along the Road; and

* Space, Time and Temples.

The 17 pp. edition includes the List of New Texts in our associated websites.  


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“The Aquarian”, April 2017


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